I noticed that some visits to this blog came from Switzerland. In my blog’s stats this country even reaches the second place in term of visits for the beginning of 2015. Oh Nike, Oju Womd, tnwitw, could it be you ? I’d love to because I love you ! In case it were you, please give me a little sign of life, in any way you wish. By posting a small comment or sending me a mail, if you still have my address. I long to get some news from you.
I had so many great moments with you and thanks to you.
Miss you.

Anyway you’re free to do what you wish…
My wish is you and the kids are as happy as can be.

Nike, please, marry me. 🙂

You / Evanescence.

Lugano lake ?… [Sigh].

You / Ten Sharp.

Here, it’s simply YOU for me… ❤
[Please, don’t miss the « wonderful » vocal solo at the end of the song !]

Wonderful Tonight / Eric Clapton.

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